Transform your Forerunner


Quick_release_kitYour Forerunner comes with a vinyl wristband and a tool that lets you remove the pins and the vinyl band. The new quick-release mounting kit contains a wrist strap (shown in the foreground of this pic) with an attached mounting bracket, which the Forerunner head unit snaps into.

The kit also includes a bike mount bracket (shown at the top of the pic) and zip ties to attach it to your bike handlebar (not the stem). To attach your Forerunner to the wrist strap, you’ll need to have the metal pins in place, then secure the bottom into the bracket and press on the top edge of the Forerunner. To remove it, grasp the top edge of Forerunner and twist, pulling up and out. This works best when the wrist strap is still on your arm. Now comes the swap to your bike mount. Again, secure the bottom edge of Forerunner in the mounting bracket, then press on the top edge of Forerunner to snap into place. You’ll want to practice this a few times before a training session or race. My first time out, I was snapping it into place with the wrong technique, so I’d accidentally hit the start/stop or lap buttons. Just press on that top part of the Forerunner, above the screen, and you’re golden.

If you want speed/cadence data when using Forerunner 305 on your bike, you can purchase the Garmin speed/cadence sensor. And, the question all you triathletes want to know — can Forerunner swim? Well, technically, it’s waterproof to IPX7 (submersible to 1 meter of water for 30 min), but Forerunner is not designed to be worn on your wrist while swimming. We do have customers who just stick it under their swim cap so they can record data during the swim portion of their workout. So, try it if you like, but Garmin’s not responsible for water-logged units or accidental Forerunner drownings!

I’m told that the quick-release mounting kit should be available in a couple of weeks. Just in time for spring training. Watch in a future post for a video demo of the quick-release mount in action.

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