Tour of California: From Dr. Allen Lim’s perspective


Lots of riders getting dropped. Its gonna be a long day for some. Tom our mechanic has a blank stare. Pensive, serene, focused and calm. // 2 km to top. Riders are all in cars. This descent is going to be wild with riders trying to get back on. // Leaders over top. 5 guys. 6 guys 40 second back. Main group of 40 another min down. // Gap is now 2:55. 47.5 km into stage. Next KOM at 75 km. // 10 km to first sprint. Its getting windy. Gap is 4 min. Horner is back on. Patterson pass is next. Yeah windmills. Guys chillin in pack. // The Grealishes who cooked for us in Silver City are here cooking for us. They made Chann a delicious roast beef sandwhich. I will eat too. // Riders down! Two of our guys. Plus astana. We are back up. Madness. Levi went down. He looks ok. // Peleton is waiting for Levi. CV broke cleat. // Daimo is fixing CV's cleat on fly. Amazing // Peterson just flatted. Tom Hopper changed it while Daimo helped CV. Craziness. Peleton still rollin slow. Astana guys are bringin Levi back // Levi is back now. At 60 km. Entering Livermore. // 5 km to sprint. Tail wind right now. Then right 2 km before sprint into cross wind. Time to play Gutterball? // Current gap is 5:25. All together. Mostly head wind now. Heading to the Pass // Hitting Patterson. Feeding the boys. I myself am eating turkey jerky in the car. Not tasty. But the sandwhich Barb made me was sooo good. // I see windmills. Break is 1 km to KOM. We are back 5 min. // On Patterson Pass road now. I feel some sun on my face. Finally. Should be a short and controlled climb. // Cavendish punctured on decent over Patterson. Michael Barry went back to get him. He'll be just fine. Barry is the man! // Cavendish is back on. Second time today Columbia has had to bring him back up. He'll probably pay them back in Modesto. // Chann wants to stop and switch drivers so I'm gonna have him twit the rest of this race.

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