Tips to Keep Your Campsite Safe and Clean



The summer is here and that means its prime time for camping. It’s time to load up the car and hit the road to find relaxation and embrace the outdoors. Camping is great for finding peace of mind and it’s just downright fun. By following these simple guidelines, camping can be an extremely enjoyable experience.  

Keeping Your Food Safe

You should always store food away from your tents. Storing and eating food in your tent will attract animals to your sleeping quarters, which in return could prompt the animal to possibly harm your tent or personal items. This tip is especially important when camping in areas where bears live. If bears are close it is a good idea to build a bear hang by fastening your food to a rope and hanging it at least 12 feet high and 4 feet away from the tree.

Building a Fire

You can’t go camping without building a fire. You’ll need fire for warmth, cooking, entertainment, and peace of mind from the unknown. To begin the process, you should create a ring of rocks around the area where you plan to build the fire so you can contain the fire. You should also have a bucket of water, shovel, and a fire extinguisher nearby incase the fire was to spread. When you are ready to start your fire there are a few things you should refrain from doing. Never build a fire near tents, don’t use flammable liquids, and never leave your fire unattended. When leaving the campsite you should always scatter the ashes and embers out, soak with water, stir with a stick, and repeat until the fire is completely out.


Keeping Campsite Clean

Camping can create lots of trash. When you find your camping spot you should instantly set up trash and recycling bags. As everyone starts to unpack, things will inevitably need to be thrown out. Setting up these designated areas for trash will also help keep you organized. Another way for maintaining a clean campsite is to utilize rugs and tarps. Laying old tarps under your tent and rugs at the entry can keep the inside of your tent a little tidier.

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