Timothy O’Donnell’s Top Triathlon Training Tip


In our Countdown to Kona, a Garmin triathlete will take over the Garmin Fitness Instagram each day and share some of their training and race day tips. A multi-talented athlete for most of his life, Timothy O’Donnell fell in love with triathlon in college at the United States Naval Academy. As he prepares to win in Kona, Tim told us his biggest triathlon training tip.


I’ve been involved in the sport of triathlon for quite a while – since my days at the United States Naval Academy. Triathlon never gets old. It has much to teach us and like a fine wine it gets better with the years! In my Countdown to Kona, I’ve been asked to share my biggest training tip. My biggest training tip is to race your way, keep your motivation in mind, train consistently, have a life outside the sport and to believe in yourself. That’s a little more than just one tip, but triathlon can’t be limited to just one!


Do it your way

Train and race in ways that suit your life circumstances and seek your own personal bests. Triathlon offers something for everyone – short and long races, relays, aquabike, duathlon, and aquathlon. Do what works for you, not what works for someone else, and don’t waste time comparing your training to that of others. Even in the case of Rinny and I, while we may do some of our runs and rides together, we know our key workout sessions need to be our own way.


Remember your motivation

Pushing our bodies to train and race is hard! The only way we can continue to do so is to remember why we do it, how it makes us feel, and why it is important. What are your “whys” that you tri? Remember your motivation on those tough days. 


Train consistently

To do well at this sport requires consistency – in training, rest/recovery and nutrition. That sets us up for our best chance to stay healthy and injury-free year after year. Garmin provides a full range of monitors that allow us to track key metrics for consistent training to result in maximum performance gains. 


Have a balanced life beyond triathlon 

Even for a triathlon pro, life cannot be all about the sport. The mind and body benefit from some diversion. For instance, I enjoy music, drumming, and collecting vinyl records…despite not being musically inclined. Make time for whatever you enjoy doing outside of training…yes, even in the final weeks of pre-race training!


Believe in yourself

Have self-confidence and believe in your consistent training, balanced lifestyle, and motivation. Doubts are natural; keep the belief stronger. 

Enjoy a long and prosperous triathlon journey. Stay humble, stay hungry!



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