The Pro Set-Up: A Detailed Look at Data Fields With Pro Triathlete Ben Collins


OnVector3 the bike I use my Edge 800 and I have way more options. On the primary screen I put the most important data: current lap time, cadence, heart rate, 3s power and lap power. Since I have so much space left, I then throw on total energy (kJ), distance, and speed. Why does speed come so far down? Because for me, it doesn’t matter. Speed  is affected by wind, road quality, grade, drafting, and aerodynamic profile. It doesn’t provide helpful data during a workout because it can vary so much, even if you ride the same route repeatedly. The only time I really want to look at my speed is when I’m bombing down a big hill, and that is the worst time to look down at your bike computer, from a safety perspective. I am beyond excited to get my hands, well I guess my feet, on a set of Vector pedals and I’ll be replacing speed with Benmy left/right power balance soon enough. The second screen of my Edge shows the totals and averages: Time of Day, Total Workout Time, Total Distance (again), Average Speed, and average power. Then, for when I get lost I add in current heading (compass) and time of sunset. That pretty much covers everything I could or want to see while I’m working out. It’s an abundance of information that goes way beyond the needs of my workout, but why not?

Ben Collins

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