The Oldest Active Cache on Earth


GeoWoodstock 14er was two weeks ago and Garmin employee Chuck went to a historical geocaching site on his way to the event. The new Oregon 750t lead him to this epic cache using Geocaching Live from Read about his adventure in his own words.

Traveling between Denver and Kansas City is a long drive with lots of farmland and small towns along the way. What most people don’t know is that just a few minutes from Colby, Kansas is a spot important to geocachers. A very small town called Mingo is home to the oldest active cache on the planet. The town is so small that the only road sign letting you know how far it is to Mingo is the one at the exit!


Since I am headed to GeoWoodstock 14er, there is no better time to stop and enjoy a bit of Geocaching history. I used my new Oregon 750t equipped with Geocaching Live to locate the cache and download information before heading out. Geocaching Live allows the Oregon to pair with the app on your phone and instantly see caches in the area without taking time to connect to a computer and load information. No more worrying about whether or not the caches are installed on your GPS!

Imagine my surprise when I get there and see about 30 cars parked close to the cache. There were a lot of people around with the same idea as me! There was a steady trickle of people getting pictures with the cache. Two people were celebrating their 7,000th and 8,000th find! We mingled around trading pathtags and discussing geocaching with people from all over the country.


We had planned on grabbing Mingo and heading on to Denver but someone with an Aussie accent drove up and asked if we wanted to jump in a grab a few more caches in the area. They say never get in a car with strangers but cachers do it all the time. Normally I would be at a disadvantage because I did not load any other caches in the area. Fortunately, I was able to use Geocaching Live to see all the caches and not just Mingo. Within seconds, we were navigating to the next cache and reading the description. We spent some time finding other caches in the area, joking and trading stories about geocaching.

The caravan of cars was headed to Nebraska next and I almost joined in since I do not need to worry about whether or not I preloaded caches. Instead, I continued on to Denver grabbing caches whenever I stopped for a quick break. I’ll never need to worry about preloading caches again.

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