The Montana Odyssey: Part One


Img_0532Dsc01565Whenever a dog locks up on point, the Astro 220 handheld beeps to let you know — and that’s great.  But if you’re anything like this hunter, your hearing has been decimated by years of gunfire, not to mention a misspent youth full of rock and roll music that went to eleven.  Thankfully, there’s a solution with the Astro — just change the tone to a frequency you can hear.  Simply go to the main menu (push "menu" twice), scroll and select "advanced," scroll and select "settings," scroll and select "tones," select "message beep," and pick a beep of your liking (I’m partial to number 8).  Then, just clip the handheld onto the chest strap of your vest (we recommend Mother or WingWorks).  You may want to consider a retractable lanyard, too, to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Img_0443Dsc01496The one disappointing thing about the trip was the temperature — it typically spiked into the high 70s or low 80s by noon, which can be really hard on hunting dogs.  Thanks to the Astro, we were able to keep a watchful eye on each dog’s odometer, so we knew how far each had run and at what speed.  That way, we could start heading back to the trailer before they reached their limits.

Another important function: always mark the truck.  We were hunting in unfamiliar land, and it was incredibly easy to get turned around.  Preventing that is simple — just hit "mark" and then "truck."  Even more useful is the Astro loaded with MapSource Topo 2008 or City Navigator NT maps — popping one of those cards into the Astro lets you know your surroundings even better.

Dsc01507Speaking of maps and trucks, the Astro wasn’t the only GPS we relied on.  In our next post, we’ll talk about navigating Big Sky Country with automotive navigators.  Stay tuned!

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