The Aquapower Expedition: A 72-Day Atlantic Ocean Journey



Introducing the awe-inspiring Aquapower Expedition. During a 72-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean islands, the garbage patch in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Azores and European mainland’s, surfer Florian Jung exposes the pollution plaguing our oceans and the adventure that is all around us. The mission; focus on the magnificent beauty of our four oceans, the diversity of its wildlife, and the harm brought to the earth by human pollution.

The crew on board the sailboat is a mix of professional watersport athletes, environmentalists, and marine biologists. The project is directed by Florian Jung, a professional surfer from Germany whose main objective is to drive awareness to the increasing amount of garbage and rubbish in the ocean, particularly plastics. More than 5 trillion plastics particles are afloat in the ocean, which makes up between 60 to 80% of the total marine debris. This trash causes numerous concerns to every aspect of oceanic life on our planet.


The ocean is the origin to life on our planet. With more than 70% percent of the earth’s surface covered by ocean, the ocean provides nearly all of earth’s living space. Help protect our oceans and follow the Aquapower Expedition along their 72-day adventure here. Be part of the journey and remember to share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use hashtag #HaveNoLimits.


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