Team Garmin: David, the Pied Piper


It’s less than a week to go before the start of Ride the Rockies, a six-day bike trip across Colorado.  Today we check in with David, who has seemed to developed quite a “following” of young riders while training with the Edge 305:

KidsGirlsIn my previous blog entry, I shared that my 6-yr old (Morgan) was excited about being able to ride with me one afternoon.  I have always believed I relate well to children.  (My wife has an explanation for this.)  However, I never thought I would be leading a crew of children along the mountain roads on whatever style of bicycle they owned that is age appropriate.  Morgan has now joined me on several “Training” rides over the past couple of weeks.  Out of curiosity, jealousy or good ol competitiveness, her friend (Reagan) demanded that she join us.  Next thing I know, their older brothers (Jacob and Bobby) are getting into the act.

The title of this blog is somewhat misleading in that “The Pied Piper” led the children away.  Instead, I choose to follow the kids so that no one is left behind.  Plus, I can bark signals to them where all can more easily hear.  “Car!” is the most popular, but we have included a few others along the way.  “Stay to the Right” and “On Your Left” are frequently shared.  But, “You are doing great” is my favorite…  as the kids continue to encourage me.  Seriously, I am excited that I have sparked a fire in my children and their friends to ride.  I know much of this is the adventure of expanding their geographical boundaries.  But I can hope that the fun and excitement generated by our excursions light a permanent fire that drives their spirit to continue riding for a lifetime.

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