Team Garmin-Cervélo: inspiring, entertaining, educating


Garmin ride out018 As the engineering discussions continued, we pulled Christian, Tommy D and Ryder into our studio for individual interviews. Christian told us what the Edge adds to his training … or, more specifically, what it’s like to not have that data. “It keeps my brain going. It fills me up with everything I need to know during the ride and after. I feel naked without that data.” When asked what piece of data was most important to his training, CVV said “Power, because those numbers don’t lie.” It almost sounded like a trick question to ask one of the world’s leading cyclists which is more important, physical or mental stamina. With no hesitation, Christian said “Mental stamina wins, without a doubt. We’re all pro athletes with physical strengths, but I’ll take someone who’s mentally strong over someone with physical talents.”

Then it was time for Tommy D to the take the stage … which was a rather ordinary chair for an extraordinary young cyclist, fresh from a 4th overall finish at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and 9th overall and top American at his first Tour de France. With camera rolling and producer Kristin firing questions, Tom fell into a perfect cadence of inspiring word pictures and reflections. We’ll share more in video form soon, but here’s just a taste. Tom answered the question of what keeps him motivated with this: “When I was sick before the time trial in Vail, I thought of others who are sick with cancer and how they have to overcome obstacles. I had to come up with a new gameplan for myself, but for them, if they don’t make it to the next kilometer, they don’t live.” We asked Tom what it meant to have such an amazing performance in France this year: “I was in this dream, this fantasy world. I started having dreams of finishing in the top 10 and this was with a week to go in the Tour. I was like a kid dreaming of a Christmas present and I had to tell myself that this is real. This could really happen.”

Garmin ride out017 Garmin ride out021 Meanwhile, in our sound studio next door, David Zabriskie was doing what he does best off the bike — being a nut and letting others feed off his banter. And soon, Garmin fans and nüvi owners around the world will get an earful of it on every trip. Coming to a nüvi near you, downloadable DZ voice prompts.

Garmin ride out019 The inspiration continued on day two of the team’s visit when we hosted a Q&A session attended by a standing-room-only crowd of nearly 250 Garmin associates and guests. After Jake warmed up the crowd and Zabriskie introduced his “fellow countrymen,” we opened the floor to questions. And here’s just a few:

Q. How old were you when you started racing?
A. Danny Summerhill: I was 10. I think Jack beat me to it (pointing to an 8-yr-old visitor on the front row).

Q. How did the Rockies compare to the Giro?
A. Christian: They had amazing crowds in Colorado. Guys in dresses and things they shouldn't be wearing. Why aren't there any women up there? I don’t want to see any more guys' asses. But most of the crowd is up there for support. It gives you goosebumps. You don't feel any pain through that.

Q. How did you survive riding the time trial with food poisoning?
A. Tom Danielson: I was going to quit. I called my wife and I guess we know who wears the pants in the family because she basically said to just get out there and ride it.

Q. How did you get started in pro cycling?
A. Jonathan Vaughters, Founder and Director Sportif: I started racing at age 12. I was dead last in my first race. I turned pro at 19, bought one-way ticket to Spain, and there I was at the airport, with my mom crying and begging him to stay home, go to college. I raced for 10 years, then started the team in 2003

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