Team Garmin: 100-degrees & Still Going


Angie – Well, this week went a bit better than last week in terms of the run. I decided to go 6 at this point, but really only felt comfortable during the first 4. The old IT Band started giving me fits at about mile 5, and so there was a fair mix of walking involved. It was nice to see that I was tracking at pace with the 11:40 group, as this is a new pace group for me. Originally I had decided to train for the KC half marathon, but I am too concerned about the knees. So, I decided to train on the 5K 10K schedule. KC offers a 5K the same day as the half, so I will run the first few miles with the training group girls, and then will end early. It’s been interesting comparing my Garmin results at the end of a run with those around me, to see if there are any differences. Mine tends to track a lower calorie burned, so my plan for this week is to double check how I have it set up, and sync with the online/software system.

Jennifer – I had a good run on Saturday minus the heat.  It is going to be so important this summer to hydrate appropriately before each run.  It was a good thing my friends had their Garmins since I forgot to put mine on the charger after last Saturdays run.  (Lesson learned!)

Kate – After taking the last two Saturdays off, I was so happy to be out pounding the pavement at 6:30am this past Saturday.  I stayed off not knowing for sure if I was going to run 6 or 8 miles, and ended up running the 8.  It was terribly hot, even that early, and after training through the winter – I definitely prefer cold-weather running over the heat.  All winter we complained about the cold and wished for summer, but now that it’s here, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Our route this past weekend was very tree-lined and it threw the Forerunner off a little, but the shade was worth it.  I’m off work this week and plan to get caught up on my updates for my Garmin software and get some of my workouts uploaded to the computer.  Hopefully, next time I write in you can see more about our runs.

Molly – Summer is definitely here!  Last week’s runs were definitely difficult in the heat.  Even at 5:30am!  Thank goodness that the runs are shorter as we are only training for a ½ marathon right now, but I am definitely looking forward to cooler weather!  With the 100 degree weather this week, I might be giving the Garmin a rest until running club on Saturday.  Gonna have to hit the gym instead!  Saturday’s 8 mile run was hot, but shaded, so it wasn’t as bad. The Garmin was perfectly aligned with the course on the way out, but on the way back my run ended at 7.5.  That goes to show how accurate the Garmin is.  If you come back on the opposite side of the street and your turns are sharper, you don’t go as far!  Typically, I’ll run at the end of the route to get in my exact mileage, but it was just too hot!  This coming Saturday should be a little cooler for 10 miles.  Funny how 10 seems like a lot right now, but when I was training for the San Diego marathon I was thrilled to have a week of "only 10 miles!" Running is definitely a mental sport!

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