Soaring with the iQue 3600a


“I’m a Mexican private pilot with a total of 260 flight hours. I normally fly a Cessna 172SP on VFR conditions. A few week ago,  I decided to fly from Toluca, Mexico (MMTO) to Guadalajara, Mexico (MMGL) some 230 NM West of Toluca. Both airports reported VFR conditions ( about 6SM BKN0150 OVC200) so I tookoff at around 8:30 AM. Less that 80 NM from MMGL while cruising at 8+500ft,  I encountered some light rain, a lower ceiling and less and less visibility. (The area I was flying,  is mountainous with some elevations up to 10500ft ASL).  When I  decided  to go back it was  a little late and I suddenly found myself flying in the clouds (with no IFR training).  I got pretty scared at first and I lost control of my airplane. I got in to a 2,000 FPM dive with a 40º left bank without noticing. Fortunately, I managed to control my nerves and finally recovered my airplane heading East (180º from my original heading), so I was going back, but still in the clouds and surrounded by mountains. My only reference to get safely out of this situation  was my iQue 3600a, that I had it mounted on my yoke active on the “Terrain Mode”. A few minutes later I got out of the clouds and was straight and level at 7,000 ft in VFR condition. I’m sure that with out my iQue 3600a, I would’ve had less chances of getting out of this situation safely.

Another time, my horizontal gyro blocked and I simply switch to the HSI mode on my iQue 3600a and no problem, I got back home safe.

I’m really thankful that I bought this little device that kept me cool in a very stressful situation.”

– G. Quintana

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