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Search See that little box up there, to the right? While we’ve been blogging, our Web team has been making that simple little Search box even easier to use, with better results and more relevant information. Now you can quickly sift through old blog posts, seek out your favorite product features and shop for your next Garmin. Enhancements to the search process include the following:

You’re searching all of Instead of just checking the product pages, you will be able to find everything from blogs to Support FAQs to products to Manuals to discontinued products to flyGarmin to Garmin Connect… well, you get the idea.
We learn as we go. As the search engine gathers data and learns what most people search for, it will adjust and offer suggestions when people type in misspelled words with “Did you mean?” links.

Recommended Results. This feature appears at the top of the results page, guiding you to links that may be valuable to them based on the search term you used. In the future, the Related Products feature will show you which of our products are most relevant to your search term. 

Suggestion box. We help refine your searches by offering suggestions for an alternative word or phrase for the original search term For example, if you search for “watch” you’ll see: “You could also try Forerunner, FR60, Foretrex”

Going global. We started out with English and future releases will cover all language versions of 

So snoop around for a few seconds with our new and improved search — you’re more than welcome to spend longer than that, but it will only take a few seconds to get results — and we think you’ll like what you find.

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