Ship-sinking Monday fun


954_lenz_2Having a case of the Mondays?  With Thanksgiving just around the corner (and hopefully a shortened work week for everyone out there) this Monday might be a bit tougher to get through than the last. But have no fear… we have found the perfect procrastination temptation that promises to pass the time. Remember all the pirate talk that graced the blog a few weeks ago?  Well thanks to the “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” Garmin promotion, a whole slew of pirate’s plunder has emerged. One of our favorites…the Battle of the Maelstrom game. The current leader, with a time of 9:54 (see photo to the left for proof), has almost mastered the art of sinking ships during his lunch hour. If you think you’re up for the ship-sinking challenge, post your score below. Heck, maybe we’ll even bring Jake, Peg, Roger and Chet in on the fun for a little friendly competition! Good luck, and let me warn you… it can be very addictive!

For more Garmin/Pirate’s fun (including a chance to win some cool prizes ), visit the microsite. And don’t forget to check out the Pirate’s Plunder displays at your local Best Buy or Circuit City on “Black Friday” while you’re picking up a nüvi for that special someone on your shopping list.

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