Running For A Transformation And A Healthier Life


Ivie - before & After

"We hope you enjoy this guest blog from Garmin Ambassador Ivie Hasegawa.”

The first day I laced up a pair of running shoes I was desperate for change.  After saying yes to an amazing job opportunity, I found myself stressed out and 50 pounds heavier than when I started.  I reached a point in my life where I wanted change, but had no idea how to do it.  Unhappy and unhealthy was not the look I was going for.  I took to my social media channels and found other women who inspired me.  People made great changes in their life, shared their struggles and showed what was possible.  One morning I finally said, “Today is going to be my day, I will become one of those girls and I can do it too.”  January 6, 2013, is the day this journey began.

I started running because that’s what you want to do to lose weight, right?  I had no idea what it would become and what a prominent role running would be in my life.  With clearance shoes from the local sporting goods store I started running around my neighborhood.  Being a Disney fan, I learned about Disney races and made my first running goal a half marathon.  Yes, I was going from 0 miles to a half marathon, but gave myself a year to do it.  A few months into training I found a Jeff Galloway training group, Long Beach Galloway.  At that point I knew nothing about the group, but I knew I needed a group of people to run with and hold me accountable.  This group of people, Jeff and the run/walk/run method have been a major part of my journey.

January 2014 came and it was time to run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  At this point I was down 55 pounds (heck yeah!) due to the change in my nutrition and training.  This was my first race and I soaked in every minute.  I’m pretty sure I smiled with every step.  Well, until I crossed the finish line and started crying.  I was so proud and so happy.  From there the Long Beach Galloway group was going straight into marathon training and my coach said she believed that I could do it.  5 months later I crossed the finish line of my first marathon and couldn’t believe it.  I went from being overweight and unhappy to being a marathoner!  That wasn’t even my goal when I started, but surrounding yourself with such awesome people who believe in your more than you believe in yourself makes a lot of things possible. 


Hollywood Half with AJ[1]

Running became more than me and my transformation.  I was making the BEST friends in the running community – seriously it is full of the best people on earth, who made every race and event full of fun.  I was also able to give back and help inspire others and show them what is possible. My goal is to be that person for someone else, to make them want to wake up and have today be their day.  I also get to health coach and train others to help them reach their goals.  My fiancé joined me on this crazy journey and my crazy ideas to run, he is now down 69 pounds and I’m down 71 (I have to try to keep the upper hand).  

I’m grateful for the stress and the challenges I had to go through because without them I don’t know if I would have become the runner I am today. Through my story I want you to know that you can do anything that you desire with determination, a supportive community and FUN, it will happen.  The #BeatYesterday campaign is a great way to get started, or a great to keep going!  One step or one mile more can be the start of a great life transformation!

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