Roger’s Runway: Portable spring cleaning


RogersrunwayGpsmap_495With Sun ‘n Fun starting next week and most of the United States thawing out from winter, now would be a good time to get your portable aviation GPS ready for the upcoming flying season. Since many of you do not fly through the winter and your unit has probably been sitting for awhile, there are a couple things that you will need to do to ready your GPS. First thing you want to do is update the GPS with the latest software and database updates. The databases cover the Jeppesen, obstacle, terrain, SafeTaxi, and AOPA data are available through the Garmin website. The software updates are also on the Garmin website and help keep your GPS in tip-top shape. Also, if your unit has been sitting for a while, it might not be able to acquire satellites because the almanac that the unit uses is out of date. To correct this, start with the unit turned off and press the zoom out button down and hold. Then turn the unit on using the power button and release the out button and take it outside. After 30 minutes the unit should be locked onto satellites and ready to go. Getting your GPS ready for flying will make your flying this summer safer and more reliable.

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