Roger’s Runway: Missed Approach


Rogersrunway Map
You are flying an approach into your home airport and the weather is close to minimums for the approach. With the arrival of the missed approach point and no runway in sight, you realize you will need to fly the missed approach until you can figure out the next step in your game plan. When you cross the missed approach point with the G1000, GNS 430 or GNS 530, the system will go into suspend mode to prevent the unit from auto sequencing onto the next waypoint.  In order for the GPS system to work correctly, you do not want to press the OBS button until the missed approach procedure has been executed.  For example, if the missed approach procedure is to fly runway heading to 3,000 feet, you will want to wait until you have reached 3,000 feet before you release the suspend.  Also you will want to make sure that you have switched back to GPS if you are on an ILS, localizer or VOR approach.  Finally, if you’re doing a NDB overlay approach and the NDB is behind you, make sure you receive the correct turn indication on the unit.

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