Roger’s Runway: Making the Numbers Jive



I know some of you fly planes that have the Airspeed indicator readout in mile per hour (MPH) instead of knots.  I flew a Piper Arrow for many years like this.  Maybe you live overseas and you’ve seen road signs in Kilometers per hour (Km/H) or distance is in kilometers instead of statute miles.  When you look down at your GPS and the number are not matching. Well, one of the features of the aviation portable and panel mounts units is the ability to customize it to your needs.  Both the panel and portable units have the ability for you to change the measure units to match what you need to use.  You can change everything from distance to temperature on the portable and panel mounted units.  Once you match the GPS with what you are seeing in the real world, you will remove any confusing numbers from the display. 

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