Roger’s Runway: Lift off


Shuttle_tfrIf you are an aviation fanatic as much as I am, then you always get excited when the Space Shuttle takes flight. Well last Thursday we got a first Space Shuttle fix for the New Year, and the shuttle Atlantis is well on its way to making the International Space Station a roomier place to live with the addition of the Columbus module. With launch of the shuttle I noticed the TFR above the Kennedy Space Center was a little odd. The airspace limits for a TFR usually vary between the surface to 3-5,000 feet. However, the altitude limits on the shuttle launch TFR (surface-10,000,000 feet) were to the extreme, keeping even a high flying SR-71 BlackBird or space exploring Star Ship Enterprise from flying over the shuttle launch. The 10-million-foot limit on the TFR is how an unlimited altitude TFR will be displayed on your Garmin portable units. So the next time you see a TFR that has a 10,000,000 foot limit, just remember that you are not going to fly over it any time soon.

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