Roger’s Runway: Hardware Changes & WAAS Upgrades


Rogersrunway For the last few weeks we have been covering WAAS and how it operates on the GNS 430/530. But what about your airplane? What changes will you have to make to it? First and foremost, get in touch with your Garmin dealer and talk to them.  While you are talking to the dealer, discuss the Approved Model List and Equipment List and find out if your aircraft and equipment is on either list.  If your aircraft and equipment are not on the list, then a Field Approval will be needed.  The dealer is familiar with the changes that are involved and will be able to look at your aircraft to see what changes are needed.  The dealer will need to look at your autopilot, EFIS (if installed), field of view requirements, and the type of cables running between the 430/530 and the antenna.  Stayed tuned for next week as we dig deeper into the actual hardware changes you should expect.

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