Roger’s Runway: Flying To The Super Bowl


Rogersrunway Tfr_image001For pilots in Southern Florida, this weekend the airspace will be fun to navigate through.  The Super Bowl will have the mother of all Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) surrounding the city.  While most general aviation pilots will not be allowed near Dolphin Stadium I can assure you that there will be aircraft flying in the TFR.  If you want to avoid having a USAF F-16 on the wing of your plane, better make sure you understand how TFR information works on Garmin units.  For the portable units that display TFR information, the TFR will show up in red.  If the TFR is not a pop-up TFR and planned ahead of time like a dignitary visit, then the TFR will first show up in yellow. Once the scheduled time for the TFR to become active arrives, then the TFR on the display will turn red.  For the GMX 200, a TFR is represented by a yellow ring when active.  On the G1000, temporary flight restrictions are shown all the time and will be represented with a red circle on the MFD and on the inset on the PFD.   The Garmin systems will not show all TFR’s that are active so make sure you do a final check with flight service to get the latest NOTAMS.

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