Rock ‘n’ Roll + Golf: A Winning Equation For Legend Alice Cooper


Cooper is exactly right, the S1 currently has more than 17,000 pre-loaded courses and we release free updates and additions to those courses on a quarterly basis. By the time we're done compiling data and mapping courses, you'll be able to say you have most of the North American golf courses with you Alice Cooper at all times!

We asked Cooper, "How has the S1 changed your golf game or ‘approach’ to the game?" He replied, “Phoenix has over 300 golf courses, and when we’re on the road you never know what country you’ll be in, much less what course you’re playing. That’s why it’s important to have a GPS system with courses pre-programed in already.  Plus, I’m a 4 handicap- exact distances are sometimes important, so the accuracy of the GPS is extremely useful.”

The next time you see a clip of this magician rockin' it on stage, or find yourself humming one of his many top hits, remember that he is probably out in the open air with a nine iron in hand and the Approach S1 on his wrist, living life to its fullest! So get out there and explore!

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