Ride The Rockies Tuesday Update and Awards


Okay, okay… we’re the first to tell you that
Ride the Rockies is NOT a race! 
But having said that, we couldn’t help but hand out some honors to Team Garmin riders who have excelled
in certain categories.  And without further ado, here are the Day One awards and winners.  Drum roll, please…


The Leading Edge Award (Fastest Overall Time) –

Daren narrowly edged (yeah, pardon the pun)
for the fastest overall time — just over 48 miles in five-and-a-half hours, or a 6:47 overall
pace.  Not bad for a Kansas boy!  Click on the link below to see Daren’s ride.

The Upwardly Mobile Award (Fastest Average Ascent Speed) – Daren

Okay, here’s the one we REALLY can’t believe.  The 40-something guy from Olathe, Kansas takes the day in hill climbing, edging out his closest competitor (Patty) by almost 3mph?  The rest of Team Garmin presumably is more acclimated to the thin air and the steep hills, so either we’re really impressed, or Team Garmin officials are getting on a plane to test for doping (ok, we really just want a trip to the mountains).  Compare Daren & Patty’s speed data below.


AwddownhillThe Rollercoaster Award (Fastest Top Descent Speed) – Kris

Kris is the speed demon of the bunch, posting a 52.8mph top downhill speed — beating her nearest competitor (David) by more than three miles an hour.  She also registered the highest average downhill speed at 25.8mph.  That’s flying!  Be careful out there, Kris!


AwdbutterflyThe Social Butterfly Award (Longest Total Stopped Time) – Kris

We’re glad that Kris took this award, which was tailor-made for her!  Kris spent two hours, 40 minutes chatting, gabbing, and making friends.  On the other hand, Patty spent the least amount of time stopped, at an hour and 43 minutes.  Interestingly, Daren had the largest percentage of time stopped — 40 percent of the day he was loafing.  Perhaps the tortise-and-hare therory is at play here?


Awdheartrate_1The Heartbreaker Award (Avg. Heart Rate as Percentage of Maximum) – Patty

For this award, we used the Edge 305’s heart rate monitor to calculate Team Garmin’s heart rate as a percentage of each individual’s maximum heart rate.  So our winner, Patty, had a heart rate that was on average, at 74% of her maximum heart rate.  The Edge’s heart rate monitor automatically calculates your maximum heart rate and heart rate "zones" — different ranges that let you analyze and fine-tune your workouts for different purposes (cardiovascular endurance, weight loss, etc.).  Also, look at David’s pie chart — it indicates he spent 61% of his ride in the efficient zone three, while he was the only rider that never once hit his peak (heart-breaking) zone five.


Those are just some of the mind-blowing things you can do with the Edge. 
Stay tuned to the blog for more updates as Team Garmin Rides the Rockies!!

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