Q&A with Jason Christie – Part 2


Jason Christie talked about why he switched to Garmin and what he is looking forward to this season. Today, Jason is sharing how he approaches a new body of water he’s never fished before. We asked him to explain how he
 normally goes about breaking down new bodies of water that he's never been to before. He had some great insight!

Jason Christie: When I go to a lake that I’ve never been to, I try to pick a big area, like a major creek, or for example at a fishery the size of Kentucky Lake, I’ll pick a 10-mile section of water.

Day One – Find a Pattern: The first day I’ll just fish. I don’t run around much … I just fish and learn what the fish are doing and try to apply past experiences I’ve had on similar bodies of water. If you take off on a lake that’s 50,000 acres, you don’t know what you’re looking for. Once you develop some sort of pattern, you want to look for whatever structure complements what you’ve learned. 

Day Two – Find Key Areas: After I develop a pattern or two I go into a creek arm for example, and catch them off of shallow points and docks that are sitting in 30’ of water. It makes the lake fish a lot smaller because I know what I’m looking for. The second day is the day I try to find the best areas for those patterns. Garmin’s LakeVü HD Ultra with MaxDef Lakes is essential to my success in finding those areas. Until I switched to Garmin, I never had maps that were this accurate. If I see a dock in 30’ of water on the map, I know that dock is exactly where my map says it is. If I’m fishing at Kentucky Lake in the summer, I know that I will be able to find ledges that I never knew existed before I got my hands on Garmin’s top-of-the-line mapping software.

Day Three – Fine Tune: The third day, I will try to fine-tune my patterns to give me the best opportunity to win. Whether it’s figuring out that one color of a certain bait fish are eating more than another, which is easy to do using Panoptix, or honing in on secondary patterns to prepare for weather changes, I need to be 100% prepared by the time the tournament starts.

Jason’s next event will be at Lake Guntersville, April 9-12. We wish him, and the rest of the Garmin Pro team good luck for the rest of the season!

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