Prop, Spinner & Tailwheel: What You Get With WAAS


5 Hz Update:
The WAAS upgrades include a faster 5Htz update rate on the GPS signal.
This means that the GPS receiver in the unit is taking GPS information
5 times per second instead of one time per second on non-upgraded

Glide slope:
Next, glide slope information will be displayed for GPS
approaches on the glide slope indicator.  For those of you that like to
fly DME arcs or full approaches, you will now have the ability to fly
curved flight paths with a roll steering autopilot. 

If you have
terrain installed on the 400/500 series, then the terrain information
will have a higher resolution of the larger pixel

If you have weather or want weather, then the GDL 69 will
have better interface with the 400/500 series.  One improvement is that
weather will cover the entire USA instead of being limited to 250
miles.  Also, METARS are part of the waypoint section and is easier to
get weather information for your destination. 

If you opt for the GDL
69A to have music
in the plane, you can see the title and artist name on the display to
make sure you are listening to the right song. 

WAAS and the G1000
Earlier this week we got a question from Matt about the G1000 upgrading to WAAS. Only the Cessna Citation Mustang
is certified right now with WAAS.  Each individual aircraft
manufacturer is handling the WAAS certification on their G1000 equipped
aircraft, so give them a call to see when your G1000 plane will be

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