Prop, Spinner & Tailwheel: Microsoft Flight Sim and G1000, Part Deux


Tomorrow is turkey day, or better known as Thanksgiving,
and the holiday season is officially underway.  Part of the holiday
tradition is the start of the shopping season so make sure that you put
Flight Simulator X on your wish list.  To help celebrate the shopping
season I will be in Chicago this weekend visiting the Garmin Store on Michigan Avenue
so if you are in the area please stop in and say hi.  I won’t be doing
any Chet TV spots, but I will have a post for all of you next week.
Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

Earlier this week, we received a question about the Sandel 3308 and the WAAS upgrade on the GNS 430/530.
Here’s the scoop….If you have one Sandel 3308 and one GNS 430 or GNS
530 installed in the aircraft then you will be fine. If you have a dual
installation of the Sandel 3308 and dual 430 or 530 then you will need
to reconfigure the Sandel 3308 to only allow one GPS source.  For
example Sandel #1 should only take information from GNS 430 # 1 and the
second Sandel #2 should take information from the GNS 430#2.

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