Plan a Trip Down Memory Lane


One of the misconceptions about using GPS is that it’s only beneficial in getting from Point A to Point B (or A to B to C to D), when really it’s as much about finding the interesting points in between. One of our friends in Cartography offers up a suggestion – and some nostalgia – for anyone looking to explore with their Garmin.


As kids we all had “favorite” spots that now have great sentimental value. When I was young, there was a railroad bridge from which I used to dangle my legs and watch cars go under. (I know, nowadays the police would chase me away – and rightfully so, kids, don’t try this at home! – but back then no one seemed to mind.)  Fast-forward more years than I care to admit.  I found I had a little time & decided to play with Garmin Connect Photos. When I typed my boyhood hometown into the search field and zoomed, there it was – my old stomping ground — my bridge!

Connect2I immediately got down to business.  I already had Garmin Communicator installed on my PC and had a myGarmin account.  I clicked “add all photos” and grabbed my trusty nüvi 255 and saved the selected photos to it in a flash.

Connect3The next weekend I was off for a visit.  I tapped the familiar “Where To” on the nüvi and went into the Favorites folder.  I tapped Panoramio™ Photos.  I found the geotagged photo of my old bridge, tapped “GO” and headed out for an old but somehow new journey.  It was a little thing, but it made my day!


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