Performing at the Peak: The Everest Cycling Challenge



Fewer than 1000 cyclists have ever completed this challenge. This challenge reaches beyond the physical, and taps into your mental reserves. It is a challenge that requires extensive training, determination, endurance and perseverance. It takes a strong and skilled cyclist to complete the challenge of Everesting, which has become a kind of cult among the cycling community, and Stuart Barrington is that cyclist.

Everesting is the activity of riding a hill repeatedly until you’ve ascended the equivalent height of Mt. Everest from sea level. The 29,029 feet or 8,848 meters must be completed in a single day and must be up and back along the same road. Stuart has been preparing for this feat by riding on his bike trainer whenever he finds the time between working a full-time job and taking care of his four children.

A typical week consists of training during the early morning and late at night. He pedals around 150 miles ranging between 9-12 hours per week. “To achieve this I use a training tool called TrainerRoad during the week. This allows me to train to power and utilize my Garmin Ant+ sensors,” said Stuart. “On the weekend I get out on the road on both the actual Segment and elsewhere to ensure that my actual road riding skills don’t deteriorate too much.”

He plans to find a Strava Segment “that has enough elevation gain but that is not lung bustlingly steep and not so long that you lose too much time on the descent,” said Stuart. “While not critical it would also be nice to have a Segment that has not been ridden before so I can claim a ‘First Ascent’”. Stuart will be tracking his accumulated elevation with his Edge 810 mounted on his bike and also by the fenix 3 he will be wearing. 

“There’s no medal or finish line as such when I complete it,” said Stuart. “My name gets added to a relatively short list on a website.” This unique obstacle presents a self-fulfilling adventure for Stuart who has already competed in other endurance challenges. It will be a solo ride for Stuart, but hopes his friends will join him for a lap or two. “Having the distraction of some company will make the miles roll by quicker for sure!”


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