Peg’s Posts: Ready to Rock the Parkway


Jake and Peg Before Jake and I line up for the half tomorrow, we’ll have logged about 10 “warm-up” miles. Demented, yes. But we’re also determined to count tomorrow’s adventure as our final long run in our separate marathon training plans. Jake’s two weeks out from the Olathe Marathon, starting here at Garmin HQ, and I’m three weeks out from Boston. When we first discussed how we’d divide up our miles, we thought we’d do a few warm-up miles, race the half, then finish up with another 7 or so miles. With Forerunner minding our pace the whole way so we don’t overdo it on the warm-up or cool-down miles and risk injury. Then Jake planted some seeds of doubt: how could we pass up the food at the finish and get psyched up to run more? Didn’t take me long to ponder his point and agree to run all the extra miles upfront. Particularly since I’ve officially hit the “ravenous” stage of marathon training. Can’t seem to get enough of stuff like avocado, oranges and bacon. That’s right — pure pork fat. Pity the folks who follow me in the salad bar line at the Garmin café. That cute little dish of real bacon crumbles at the end of the bar? Gone once I pass through. Hope they’re serving bacon tomorrow.

Santa Fe Trail Tomahawk crop If you’re running Rock the Parkway or spectating, we hope to see you there. Be on the lookout for some rock stars from Girls on the Run, who’ll be helping at an aid station.

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