Peg’s Posts: Orienteering with Forerunner 405


Orienteering 02.09 006 Orienteering 02.09 005 Of our foursome, Steve was the orienteering expert, Amy and I were still neophytes and Paul was the newbie. Ours was the perfect blend of experience, skill and, well, social dynamics. The social part was important — without it, we might not want to come back. Skill was what would get us back before sundown. Before we took off, Steve and Paul marked our maps with the 20 course points we were to find. For this particular event, the points were to be collected in order and participants were sent off in staggered starts. No fair following the folks with the official PTOC gear and ninja-like moves who could flatten the course in 45 minutes.

Orienteering 02.09 009 After posing for pics at the start line, we trotted off, following Steve’s lead. When asked how my Achilles was doing, I replied that my chiropractor had given me clearance to “try a little running” over the weekend. The fact that I was bounding through brush and running up and down rather hilly terrain was an undisclosed detail. But we all agreed that he might be pleased with this outcome if it ensured some repeat visits for therapy. In fact, if I referred some of my Possum Trotting trail runners to him, all the better. Turns out, our only real running for the day was out of the chute and across one grassy expanse. Once we hit the woods, it was hiking only … with one ravine crossing that required walking, shimmying or crawling along across a felled log. We got a little rattled late in our venture when a Possum Trotter out for a PR came crashing through the woods and hit the next flag to punch his card before us. We respectfully stayed out of his way, knowing there were some folks out here doing this course for more than recreation.

Orienteering 02.09 010 In the end, we trekked 4.9 miles and completed the course in 2:14:32. Replay our adventure in Garmin Connect’s map player. I don’t think my Forerunner has ever recorded an activity with an average pace in the 27:28 range. So it was a day of new feats for all … and, despite our leisurely pace, I was wishing for “new feet” myself by the end. Nothing a little ice and therapy can’t heal. Besides, my chiropractor probably appreciates the business.

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