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Kc_half_marathon_2008 Last week this time, I was anxiously counting the hours ‘til my marathon. Now, with about 17 hours to go, I’m still counting … and playing numerous numbers games. I’ve waffled between pacing myself for a 3h 45m marathon, which is my Boston qualifying time. That means I’d be consulting my pacing partner, Forerunner, to keep me at an 8:35 average pace. But since I missed my BQ by about 90 seconds in my first marathon, maybe I should bank a little time and try for 3h 40m, or about an 8:20 pace. And then there’s the Runner’s World article from this spring that suggested newer BQ standards for some age groups, including mine. Tougher standards, mind you, of 3h 36m for women 35-39. Can I pull that off, which means shaving 11 min from my first marathon time on a much hillier course in less-than-ideal Midwest weather?


Health 10.9

Am I sounding like a numbers freak? Don’t answer that until you hear about how Garmin’s helping athletes and fitness-minded folks monitor their health by, you guessed it, providing more numbers to follow. Two of our newest fitness devices, FR60 and Forerunner 310XT, work with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale to track your weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements. The readings are stored on your device, then automatically sent to Garmin Connect through the magic of ANT+ wireless technology. At Garmin Connect’s new Health section, you can track these measurements over time. When I stepped on the Tanita scale last Friday, I was intrigued that it could gauge my body water percentage, which is a pretty key measurement for athletes. So I was happy to see that, at least by the scale’s estimate, I was adequately hydrated. And in subsequent steps on the scale this week, all the measurements have remained fairly stable. Find out more about the Tanita scale and how it works with our devices.

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