Peg’s Posts: New year, new you.


Tanita scale If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with trimming down and toning up, we have some tools to make it a little easier. I’m not talking about a machine that promises six-pack abs in six easy monthly payments. And it's not the latest diet or miracle weight loss pill. Making a fitness resolution stick could be as easy as strapping on a Garmin fitness watch and walking out your front door. Once you bike, hike, walk or run and can see how far and how fast you’ve gone, you’re motivation tank is topped. Worked for me nearly five years ago, when I started running with Garmin's first GPS-enabled trainer. Now, with thousands of miles under my feet, most with a Garmin on my wrist, I’m training for the Boston Marathon. And I owe it all tools that help me train smarter and keep my motivation tank full. While that first Forerunner provided distance and pace data, our products have evolved over the years, and so have the options. Two of our newest watches, Forerunner 310XT and FR60, have a feature that makes them fine choices for those New Year’s resolutionists with weight loss goals or very specific training needs. Both are compatible with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition monitor. Fancy name for a high-tech scale that tells you much more than your weight. The Tanita scale records a total of nine measurements, including body fat percentage, percent hydration, physique rating and more. Want to see how it works with the FR60? Click below and I’ll tell you more. For other videos on the FR60, visit our Learning Center.

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