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Pegicon Is there a magic number for how much fluid you should drink during your running, cycling or other outdoor activities? It all depends on something rather personal — how much you sweat. The generally accepted rule is to drink 16 ounces for every pound you lose during your activity. Now, our new Forerunner and Edge products can tell you a lot of data, but how sweaty you get isn’t one of them. To estimate how much you typically lose, weigh yourself before and after a strenuous workout (try to weigh at the same time of day as your race or workout). If it’s a pound, your hydration equation should be to consume about 16 ounces of fluid over the course of your workout. Whether running or riding, plan your water breaks for every 15 to 20 minutes or so. You can set up alerts in your Garmin device to remind you when to sip. From the Forerunner main menu, select training//training options//alerts//time/dist alert. From here, you can set up the alert for the desired time interval.

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