Peg’s Posts: Cycle for Heart heads up the East Coast


Cycle for Heart route map Chris’s latest journey will wrap up May 27 in Quebec. Once his two wheels are at rest for a week or more, Chris will start cranking out more detailed accounts of his travels. Accounts that make the unconvicted wonder what they might do to give back or make an impact. Here’s one of my favorite stories from Chris. This observation was made from a roadside café in Kit Carson, Colorado, during Chris’s second cross-country ride last fall. Chris described the town as “a dried up speck of human habitation on the treeless high plains.”

A truck driver squeezed his way through the door and sat across from me. He must have weighed nearly 400 pounds, and ordered chicken fried steak, two eggs, bacon, hash browns and a pot of coffee. We were surrounded by conservatives and the innocent, and it was a physical pairing that hadn't been seen since Laurel & Hardy, but we were two peas in a pod. His obesity and my spandex made us the “outsiders” and at that moment, we were friends.
Striking up a conversation, I knew what his curiosity was going to ask, but hoped he wouldn't. I didn't want to lie to the guy. He was the only person willing to say hi, and one of the few bits of human interaction I’d had in days and probably for days to come. But how do I describe my purpose without saying obesity, healthy living, heart disease, and stroke to someone who is licking the grease off his plate? I reworked my story and explained how I was raising money to help teach children about nutrition. He smiled and couldn't have agreed more. As he was leaving, he handed me twenty dollars as his donation. The conservatives and the innocent around us softened their opinions of the man as he squeezed out between them.

For Chris and others like him who ride, run or tackle other feats for a good cause, we wish you all the best. Check back for more updates on Chris and his journey or follow him at

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