Overcoming Obstacles to Cross the Finish Line


Teri griege

Teri Griege had a dream to one day compete in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Just like anyone else with a goal, she worked hard and trained for marathons, then triathlons, and then in 2008, finished her first IRONMAN. Unfortunately, she finished just 5 minutes shy of qualifying for the World Championship. She didn’t let this stop her, and she knew she had to persevere and continue fighting to accomplish her dream. A year later Greiege competed again in hopes of qualifying, but this time she was even slower. Her lack of energy and fatigue became a concern so she scheduled an appointment to see her doctor.

In 2009, just two weeks after competing in her second IRONMAN competition, Griege was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer and had a six percent chance of survival. She quickly found a team of doctors who put together a treatment plan. She didn’t let this stop her, she knew she had to persevere and continue fighting to accomplish her dream.  From the day she was diagnosed she continued to swim, bike, and run on a daily basis.

“A typical training session — while I was undergoing chemo and training for the World Championship in Kona — was a 12-week regimen of biking 100-175 miles/week (3x/week), running 15-30 miles/week (3x/week), swimming 6,000-8,000 meters/week (2x/week) and lifting weights two times/week,” said Greige.


On October 8, 2011 she made her dream come true, and crossed the finish line of the IRONMAN World Championship.

“Training gives me a sense of control. It helps keep my life normal and has been critical to my ability to fight and live with cancer,” said Greige. “If my doctors had told me, I couldn’t do what I love to do, I think that would have broken part of my spirit. I love to train, and I plan to keep doing what I love to do!”

After making her World Champion IRONMAN dream a reality, she accomplished another aspiration of raising awareness about cancer and inspired hope by founding a not-for-profit organization called the Powered By Hope Foundation.

“During my program, I love showing the video of my crossing the finish line in Kona. It not only inspires me every time I see it, but my audience seems to feel the same exhilaration of how dreams do come true,” said Greige. “Inspiring others by sharing my story and mantra about never ever giving up and doing what I love to do thrills me each and every time I tell my story!”

Although Griege is still battling cancer, she doesn’t let this stop her, she continues to persevere and fight to accomplish all of her dreams.

To learn more, please visit poweredbyhope.org

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