Oregon 400t Helps Bag Kansas Gobbler


IMGA0478 DSC01982 We hadn't even made it to our spot when the turkeys started thundering from their roost — back in the woods 100 yards away.  Cris, a national sales manager here at Garmin, hastily put up a couple of decoys in the plowed field in front of us, and within five minutes, a trophy Tom Turkey came charging in, irate that a rival might be stealing his hens.  Seconds later, Cris' 12 gauge thundered, and the hunt ended in success.  We had the bird cleaned and were back at the Garmin mothership before the clock struck eight.

Sometimes, everything just comes together right on a spring turkey hunt.  But a little preparation helped us, too.  The night before, we "put the birds to bed" and marked our morning ambush spot with the Oregon 400t.  Doing so made it easy to quickly and stealthily move in this morning and help Cris fill his tag.  In fact, the Oregon 400t can help a turkey hunter in all sorts of ways — from marking strut zones to reading the topography of creek draws to knowing the precise time the sun rises.  So when you're loading up your turkey vest this season, make sure you pack the Garmin — you'll be glad you did.

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