Optimize Your Body’s Performance With InsideTracker: Part II.


Garmin Ambassador Lindsey B. (@lindsey_runs) wanted a way to analyze how her training, nutrition, and other biomarkers were contributing to her overall fitness level and helping her beat yesterday. We connected her to InsideTracker, a company who specializes in giving customers personalized, sophisticated, science-based blood analytics. This is her second post on the process. In case you missed her initial thoughts and experience with the sign-up process click here!

Getting my results from InsideTracker was just as easy as the process of ordering. I received my email within the next week, which included very detailed results of my blood test. The results are so easy to read and understand! I was concerned at first that I would get a print out with random medical terms and that I would not know how to utilize the information properly. That could not be further from the actual outcome! Additionally, both Garmin and Jonathan checked in with me after receiving my results, just to make sure that everything went well.

The results individually detailed the biomarkers tested. Since I got the Ultimate + InnerAge plan, there was plenty of information to go off of! Not only do the results tell you the direct levels that you have in each area, but they show you where you are within the overall range so you’re able to tell exactly where your levels fall. For example, even if one vitamin level is considered “good,” you can see where you fall at on the continuum to see if you’re at risk of being high or low. This was super helpful for me to visually see where I fell on everything that got tested.

Additionally, right from the start, the results tell you which, if any, biomarkers are considered at risk or too high/low. This was useful because I knew immediately which specific areas I wanted to pay the most attention to. However, I checked through the entirety of my results anyway out of curiosity! My results were not all that surprising to me, but it was a wake up call to see them in print. I had 7 biomarkers that were in the “need work” range, most of which revolved around needing proper sleep or lowering stress. I truly do not sleep much, and know that this negatively impacts my health and training. To see how much it is impacting me really made me think about changing my lifestyle.

The things I honestly appreciated the most about the results were the suggestions for how to go about fixing the imbalances. InsideTracker offers multiple options for how to assist with rectifying any issues you may have. Your suggested routes will be based off of lifestyle questions that InsideTracker asks you. I informed them that I am not one for taking numerous supplements. I would much rather try to get my nutrients, vitamins, etc. from food. InsideTracker gave various food options to incorporate in my diet so that I could avoid taking supplements. A lot of the foods I already ate, but just needed to eat more of!

I have been systematically implementing the changes suggested by InsideTracker into my daily life. I can already feel a difference in the amount of energy I am experiencing, and am looking forward to seeing where continuing this will take me!

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