Optimize Your Body’s Performance With InsideTracker


Garmin Ambassador Lindsey B. (@lindsey_runs) wanted a way to analyze how her training, nutrition, and other biomarkers were contributing to her overall fitness level and helping her beat yesterday. We connected her to Inside Tracker, a company who specializes in giving customers personalized, sophisticated, science-based blood analytics.. We hope you enjoy Lindey’s guest post as she shares her experience working with InsideTracker

I am always looking for ways to improve my health and overall fitness. I am continually searching for new techniques to gain some feedback and guidance on these aspects of my life. Recently, my attention was drawn to getting my bloodwork examined. I had heard about the company InsideTracker through multiple outlets, including fellow athlete’s posts. I was sold on the idea after reading about each of their experiences. The main selling point for me? The opportunity to improve my nutrition, recovery, supplementation routine, and ultimately performance through recommendations tailor-made for me.

The InsideTracker process was unbelievably easy. Honestly, I am disappointed I did not try it sooner. I began interacting with Garmin Fitness and Jonathan, one of the leads at InsideTracker, to get the ball rolling. After sharing what I was hoping to gain insight on, and what I was hoping to improve, a plan was suggested to me. I went for the Ultimate + InnerAge plan. I’m told this is their most popular plan for endurance athletes, so I figured it was perfect fit.

Upon plan selection and checkout, I was immediately able to schedule my blood work appointment with Quest Diagnostics. There were many locations in my area, so I had the luxury of picking a date and time that worked best with my hectic schedule. I also appreciated that I did not have to go very far to get my blood drawn. Additionally, after choosing which plan would work best to fit my needs, I was emailed information to give me a better understanding of how the process unfolds. InsideTracker recommended fasting for 12 hours and not exercising for 24 hours before getting blood drawn. The email explained how this technique helps to provide the most accurate results. My appointment was within the same week as my plan selection. I had my blood drawn and was told my results would be emailed to me as soon as they were completed. From there, I filled out my InsideTracker profile and answered questions about the foods I’m already eating, how I train, and the supplements I take. They use this information to provide even better recommendations just for me, taking into account what I’m already doing, and as a female runner.

What I like most about InsideTracker is that they examine biomarkers that had never been measured at my regular doctor’s visit. They look at markers that are relevant and important for athletes, rather than what my doctor focuses on, which is usually more disease risk focused. It is a personalized process that focuses on bettering your health, from the inside out. A lot of us track sleep, training, and more (which is certainly important… Hello Garmin Connect!!) but by looking inside at the impact of all of that with objective data, and with the assistance from InsideTracker’s team of scientists and nutrition experts, I am interested to see what the results show. Perhaps most importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing what my personalized recommendations include, and to start incorporating them into my daily life and current training cycle. I’ll report on the outcome in the next blog and talk about the information I’ve been given and how I’m moving forward!

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