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15 Golf TDI - 48-State Lowest Fuel Consumption Guinness World Record

With the current price of gas it’s hard to imagine making it back and forth from work everyday for a few months for less than $300 dollars for fill ups, let alone driving coast to coast. With the help of our nüvi 57LM, Wayne Gerdes and co-driver Bob winger, drove a 2015 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI® to set a new Guinness World Record of “lowest fuel consumption—48 U.S. contiguous States for a non-hybrid car.” In 16 days they traveled 1,233.5 miles across 48 states for an average 81.17mpg and only spent $294.98 on Shell® Diesel fuel.

“The Garmin nuvi LM 57 was not only an accurate navigation guide to circumnavigate the entire U.S. in an exacting prescribed manner but a mandatory addition to take on the 48 U.S. Contiguous States, Lowest Fuel Consumption Guinness World Record,” said Wayne.

The BaseCamp software helped Gerdes build the specific turn-by-turn route guidance from one state border to the next and store that route within the device. In addition, the nüvi 57LM recorded and saved information needed for Guinness World Record requirements including an actual trace of the entire route via the breadcrumbs feature for playback. It also recorded the tank refuel to tank refuel and the entire distance of the 48-state drive accurately vs. an odometer in any car which records actual distances by a small percent.  

The Guinness World Record also required a log book and photographic and video evidence which the nüvi 57LM easily provided by featuring the tank to tank (Trip A) and total cumulative distance (Trip B) always displayed in the trip detail along the right side of the display.

Here is the 48-Contiguous State U.S. trace using the BaseCamp SW that is but one of many screenshot traces within the BaseCamp SW that we used for Guinness World Records documentation and verification.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.01.40 AM

Wayne and Bob had a great trip around the States and you can see more of their journey here.

You can learn more about our nüvi products and which one might be right for you at www.garmin.com/nuvi

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