nüvi 1690: Get more information than ever before for free


Nuvi1690 12647 CSS Automotive GPS devices have changed a lot since we brought to market the world’s first portable, affordable mapping GPS. Our new nüvi 1690 is still portable and affordable, but the content on our newest device is absolutely amazing. The nüvi 1690 has a built-in wireless module so that you can tap into our new nüLink! service that has online information like traffic, weather, fuel prices, Google local search, white pages and more. Having all this information at your fingertips gives it the most comprehensive set of search capabilities offered by any GPS on today’s market. And, the really great thing about this content is that it’s free for the first two years. After that, if you decide you don’t need the extra bells and whistles — but I’ll be shocked if you don’t get hooked — your GPS will continue to give you access to the preloaded points of interest and the same great turn-by-turn, voice-prompted navigation that you expect from Garmin.

The nüvi 1690 is also our first automotive GPS with Ciao!, a social network application that links multiple social network sites so you can share your whereabouts with friends. Ciao! makes it possible to see where your friends are and you can navigate to their current location with a few screen taps. If you’re a member of GyPSii or uLocate’s Buddy Beacon social networks, you can take advantage of Ciao! now.

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