Navigate for free with the nüvifone G60


The nüvifone G60 will be available for purchase in just a few days, so it’s time to dive into some of the phone’s features. We’ve already posted a few videos to our learning center and more are on the way. These videos will help you see what differentiates the nüvifone G60 from other devices. Since the nüvifone G60 is the navigation phone, we’re kicking off our video series with — wait for it — navigation! The nüvifone G60 provides free turn-by-turn, voice prompted directions to anywhere in the U.S. and it says street names, like “turn right on Main Street.” Since all maps are preloaded, you don’t have to worry about not getting directions when you’re in a remote area out of cell coverage. Plus, the map redraw time is extremely fast because you don’t have to wait for maps to be pulled off a server. Want to see even more features? Check out the interactive nüvifone G60 demo.

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