nϋvi 3790T makes a great first impression


Group3790 The nϋvi 3790T will be in stores soon, so third-party media reviews are starting to appear. One of the most common responses so far is about the new design. A leading consumer electronics publication summed it up well, "Garmin's new nϋvi 3700 series was designed from the get-go to be thin and sexy." Their reaction is because the nϋvi 3790T is about the thickness of a pencil — or .35 inches thick for those of you who are into exact specs.  Another review was impressed with the voice recognition system and said it's "one of the best voice-recognition systems on the market." The voice recognition system is cool and different from what we've done in the past. Whereas other Garmin devices with speech recognition had a separate button to activate the voice recognition, the 3790T uses a customizable wakeup phrase. Whenever you're driving and want to use the voice recognition feature, you simply say the wakeup phrase and the nuvi 3790T will be ready to accept your vocal commands. Learn about other cool features on our new nϋvi 3700 site.

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