MOB = Mouse on Board!


Mainship_40Mainship_40_upper_helm1Why would a customer pay good money to get a mouse on his boat? Well, for one customer in Jacksonville, FL, it made perfect sense to do so with his brand new Mainship 40 trawler. The owner wanted to be able to see his radar, sonar, GPS and live XM weather at both his upper and lower helm stations. The upper helm was an easy decision – twin GPSMap 5208 touch screen displays flush mounted into the dashboard to put full control at his fingertips. The lower helm was a bit harder – the owner wanted large monitors to be able to see the navigational screens from afar. He also wanted to be able to swivel the displays so he could see them from anywhere in the salon. To make his idea a reality, he purchased two 17" monitors and connected the 5208s to the monitors via VGA cables. Now he was able to see what was on the 5208 screen at the upper helm on the monitors at the lower helm. Slick! Then the owner purchased Garmin’s wireless RF mouse and wirelessly paired it with both displays. Now he can sit in the comfort (and air conditioning) of the main salon, use the mouse to control the 5208s above him, and see everything on the monitors below. Really slick! The wireless mouse gives full control of the 5208s – navigate, create waypoints, zoom or pan the map, just like you were touching the screen. And it’s as easy to use as your home computer.

Mainship_40_mouseSo the next time you hear someone say "I’ve got a mouse on my boat!"… ask them if it’s a Garmin.

Thanks to Chris Hutton at Hutton’s Custom Marine Electronics in Jacksonville, FL, for showing us his great work. And thanks to Josh, the owner, for inviting us aboard. 

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