Making the Beach your Gym



When you’re at the beach this summer, usually the only activity in mind is jumping into the water for a swim or taking in some sun. However, the beach provides a great summer workout in the sand. Here are a few simple exercises that you can do after you enjoy some fun in the sun:

Modified Push-ups – The sand can give you a great resistance for push-ups and really test your core. Start out by doing your normal sets of five or ten. Increase difficulty by adding more push-ups to your set and trying to use just one arm after you master the exercise. Performing these on sand with not only gives you resistance, but it will be more comfortable than doing it inside on a harder surface for your hands.

Running in the Sand – Soft sand beach running without shoes strengthens stabilizing muscles in the knees, ankles and feet. It also provides some nice relief from pounding the pavement every day. And don’t worry – our running watches and activity trackers are built to withstand most splashes so you can run close to the shoreline. View the ‘specs’ section of any of our products to see the water rating. 

Jumping Jacks – The forgotten cardio workout from elementary school, jumping jacks can be a great way to get the blood pumping. Start out with 20-30 reps and then see how you are feeling. The resistance from the sand will also give your legs a nice burn.

Let us know some of your favorite beach exercises for the summer. Tag #UpForMore and Garmin Fitness social media channels to see your photos featured on our channels: 

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