Look What’s Hiding in Some Colorado 400t Boxes


Box Geocoin2cropFirst we gave them away in Las Vegas. Then we raffled them off in Seattle and San Jose. When we spent a weekend in Chicago, we gave one to each person we met at the Garmin store on Michigan Avenue. Since then, six winners received them for building creative cartridges for Wherigo. Unsuspecting geocachers have stumbled across them in caches across the country.

Now we’re ready to give away most of what’s left of our limited stock of Colorado/Wherigo geocoins. Here’s the catch: We don’t know who will get them, or where, or when. A few of us just got done stashing more than a hundred geocoins in random shipments of the Colorado 400t as they were getting ready to leave the warehouse. We have no idea which stores will receive them, or which parts of the country. All we know is that someone is going to open their brand-new Colorado 400t, which is preloaded with topo maps for the whole U.S., and they’ll find that certain boxes are preloaded with a little something extra. If you’re one of the lucky few to find a geocoin in your Colorado 400t, send us a note and tell us about it. Good luck!!

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