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"We hope you enjoy this guest blog from Natalie Hawley, a University of Kansas senior, discussing her outlook on balancing a healthy lifestyle and tips for staying fit in college.”

Syllabus week has come and gone and fall semester is well under way. I’m getting back into my usual schedule of class homework, work, friends, and trying my best to make exercise a daily priority. The usual temptations of college life like late night pizza runs creep back into my conscious ever now and then, but I am trying to ignore the urge in attempt to get back to being healthy and fit. The University of Kansas has taken the phrase “walking to school uphill both ways” to a whole new level. To walk from my house to campus is an incline workout in itself! I make sure that I am up early enough to get in my steps instead of relying on the bus to get me to class.

I usually get bored with my typical gym routine so I wanted to spice up my workouts. My first step was taking advantage of the free classes offered at my student recreation center during the first week of school. I got up early and took a class called POUND that I really enjoyed! POUND is a cardio interval-training workout combined with drumming that really gets my heart beating. I then searched Groupon and found a great deal for 8 exercise classes in my area. I toured the local gym and signed up for yoga and cycle classes for under $10!  I am also proud to say I have conquered my first 5k and bike race in the past month. By continuously being aware of a variety of fun options that give me a good sweat session keep me from dreading the every day monotonous workout.  I have been wearing my vívoactive every day which is perfect when I change my activities from running to biking and helps keep track of my daily steps and calories burned. I can even check my texts and emails when I’m away from my phone.

As far as eating healthy goes, I’ve been sticking to my weekly grocery store runs to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean proteins. A few simple ingredients can be transformed into a variety of delicious meals. So far, I have made turkey burgers, stuffed peppers, grilled chicken, roasted veggies, and my favorite snack, smoothies! For breakfast, or as a pre/post workout pick me up, a smoothie can be nutritious and fueling. Combine ½ to 2 cups of greens, pick between spinach, kale or chard, then add 1 cup of a liquid. This could be water, fruit juice or milk. Add 1 cup of your favorite fruits. I enjoy a banana along with berries and pineapple. Add up to 1 cup of ice or frozen fruits and an optional protein like greek yogurt, peanut butter or protein powder to help keep you fuller for longer. Blend it all together and enjoy an on-the-go meal or refreshing flavorful beverage. 


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