LakeVü HD Ultra Mapping to Play Key Role at Lake Hartwell


When the FLW Tour event at Lake Hartwell begins tomorrow, you can expect that Garmin Pro Team anglers will show up more prepared than the competition. Garmin’s highly detailed LakeVü HD Ultra mapping, combined with Panoptix LiveVü Forward is a recipe for success on deep, clear bodies of water such as Lake Hartwell.

LakeVü HD Ultra - Lake Hartwell - Depth Range Shading

LakeVü HD Ultra 

Garmin’s marine cartography team personally maps each and every MaxDef lake we offer. They dedicate as much time as it takes to get those lakes mapped to perfection, and it pays off big for anglers who have this tool at their disposal.

Garmin pros will be relying on the extreme detail of their LakeVü HD Ultra mapping, since Hartwell is included as one of our 99 MaxDef lakes.

Lake Hartwell encompasses nearly 56,000 surface acres of water and 962 miles of shoreline. That’s a huge area to cover in practice.

LakeVü HD Ultra - Side Scan Image

Built-in side scan images on our MaxDef lakes give you a detailed photo of what is underwater before you even get to the lake.

Anglers at Hartwell will be studying MaxDef mapping to find key fishing spots that no other map shows. Some guys will be looking for bed fish in the back of creeks, and others will be fishing deep. The tournament could be won anywhere between 2-50 feet of water. It’s anybody’s game.

Hartwell is one of those lakes that when you find a pattern, it should hold up throughout the tournament. It’s also a lake where anglers will figure out a bunch of different patterns.

So how do you break down a lake with so much area to cover?

Depth Range Shading

Everyone has been raving about our newly updated Depth Range Shading feature, and Garmin pros will be putting it to work to give them a leg up on the competition. With the ability to shade up to 10 different colors and depth ranges, competitors can key in on their pattern by finding similar areas in record time.

LakeVü HD Ultra - Lake Hartwell - hump near deep water

If an angler is running a pattern where he’s fishing a drop shot on humps with deep water nearby, Depth Range Shading will help him find very similar spots throughout the entire lake.

LakeVü HD Ultra Lake Hartwell long point

Running a pattern of long, flat points near deep water? Simply set up the map with the depths you want to key in on and voila!


After finding those spots, Garmin pros will rely on Panoptix to save them even more time by simply panning their trolling motor out in front of their boat to see if there are baitfish and/or bass present. If the angler locates fish, they can utilize Panoptix to follow the movement of their target and easily stay on them. If the fish aren’t there, they can simply pull up the trolling motor and run to the next spot they found using Depth Range Shading.


There’s no doubt that the one-two punch of Panoptix and LakeVü HD Ultra mapping, gives anglers who are running Garmin a major advantage over their fellow competitors.

Don’t be left in the dust with outdated electronics. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your electronics by switching to Garmin, now is the time.

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