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FeaturepegspostsSweatyYou know that feeling when you finish a long run or ride in the summer heat and the sweat dries before you hit the shower? Kinda dry, salty and just a bit gamey? Well, that’s exactly how your Forerunner wrist strap and heart rate monitor strap can feel after a few good workouts. Customer Tom L., a Forerunner 201 user, wrote recently asking for some tips on keeping the fabric strap clean. If your Forerunner came with a small screwdriver-type tool, use it to remove the watch pins securing the Forerunner to the strap. You can also use a tiny screwdriver. Now that you’ve freed the strap, soak it in soapy water, throw it in the washing machine or just take it in the shower. Same goes for the heart rate monitor and strap for the 301 and 305. If your Forerunner has a vinyl band, just run the band under water to rinse. The Forerunner unit itself is waterproof to IPX7 standards, which means it can handle sweat, rain and “accidental immersion”. In other words, no swimming or scuba diving, but if it takes a quick dunk, probably not a big deal. Garmin recommends just wiping off your Forerunner unit with a damp cloth and then drying.

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