K9 Search & Rescue No Longer Searches For Their Dogs


Joan and Sula ISD email logo We typically market the Astro Dog Tracking System to hunters, but we've discovered that K9 search and rescue teams are using the system to keep tabs on their animal companions, too.  Here's a story we recently received:

I just purchased the Garmin Astro to use with my search and rescue K9 partner Sula (Redbone Coonhound) and wanted to share a story and my thanks for such a great product!

Yesterday was the first day that I used it on a real search.  We were searching some very thick brush along a river bank and could not see Sula (which is common and one reason I purchased the Astro).  However, I could see where she was in relation to me on the GPS screen – several hundred yards away.  I could also see that she was not moving so I waited a moment and then called her – no movement – called her again and this time I heard her bark so I began to work my way through the thick brush to where she was (really nice to basically just follow the screen and walk right to your dog).

When I got to her I thought maybe she had located what we were searching for but no….she was actually totally wound up in a thick vine all figure-eighted around her hind quarters.  She was just standing there looking at me, not moving, waiting for some help to get out of her mess.  It was wrapped pretty tightly from where she must have tried to get herself out, and would have been nearly impossible for her to get out on her own.

I think the Astro basically paid for itself and then some in one single use!  There is no price to put on my K9 partner, and although I would likely have eventually found her, the Astro made it MUCH easier, quicker, and gave me tremendous peace of mind to be able to see where she was and what she was doing (moving or not).   Thank you for such a wonderful product, I can't imagine going out on a search without it ever again!


Joan Brehm and K9 Sula

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