Juan Luis Barrios Turning Point


We asked seven elite athletes the same five questions and are revealing their answers in our weekly Turning Points blog series. Check back in each week to see how each athlete deals with off days, trains with the Forerunner 735XT and embraces the turning point moments.

When you have an off day with training, how do you come back the next day?

I almost don’t have off days because sometimes the body instead of feeling better, it gets heavy. But when I really need it I come back renewed and motivated.


When a race doesn’t go as you wish, what do you tell yourself to get back on track?

First I try to think to myself what was wrong, did I really do the best to get the goal? I talk to my coach about the technical views. And lastly, I keep telling myself a bad race or day could always be there and thankfully we can always do it better.


What’s the most important part of racing/training to you?

The most important for me is to improve myself, be better than before, do it better, run faster, feel lighter, and I do it by staying motivated and keeping focus on my goals, a race, a time, break my own standard, go further.


What advice would you give to other athletes who might be at their “turning point”?

To know that this race, this path is most of the times about being patient, it’s about hard work, about being persistent, about fighting ourselves. It might look far, but keeping real goals, even small goals will finally take you there. One goal at a time.


What features on your Garmin do you appreciate the most when training?

I could say the design, because of the weight, the functionality, the size of the numbers, the vibrating alarm. I could say the confidence I have using it; the confidence of the data, I feel confident about them so I just care about running.The data analysis I can make with all the information I get. ( pace average, heart rate, and now, the new technology for the lactate acid, it’s a huge advantage when all you need Is just focus on running.

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